Form a community group

Form-a-community-groupWhy form a community group?
Forming a group is a very effective way to take Action on Alcohol. It’s also a great opportunity for like-minded people to get together and learn new skills while helping build a better community at the same time. Other reasons for forming a group can be:
  • Local government and professional organisations are more responsive to well-organised groups than equally large numbers of disorganised individuals.
  • They enable people to share information and help each other to solve issues.
  • They stimulate debate and discussion to provoke community-led action.
  • They bring together a variety of people with different skills, ideas and resources to address particular issues.
  • A recognised group is more likely to generate material and financial support from  public and private sectors.

Have a look at our fact sheet about setting up a community group.
How can your group be more effective?
  • Value honesty.
  • Create an environment where members feel free to speak their mind.
  • Set goals – what constitutes “success”.
  • Determine roles – what’s expected of the members? What is expected of each other?
  • Agree on rules – what are the agreements on decision-making, working together and how to act?
  • Relationships – how do members handle conflict, ambiguity, rumor, secrecy, trust?
  • Results – how does the group measure its effectiveness? What are the performance indicators?
  • Rewards – what’s in it for the group – individually and collectively? Is everyone OK with that?

Adapted from Community Action, 2010, Factsheet: Why groups don’t work, Community Action, Derby.