1. How to identify the issue

identify-the-issueIf you do want to address an alcohol-related issue, chances are you or someone you know have been affected by alcohol in some way. Maybe you don’t feel safe walking through town on Saturday night because you’ve seen alcohol-related violence, or you’re concerned about the impact alcohol advertising is having on young people, or perhaps drink driving is becoming an issue in your community. You might have a very definite idea about the alcohol-related issue you want to take action on, or you may be generally concerned about alcohol in your community, but not sure of the exact issues you want to act on. To help you identify the alcohol issue, we’ve developed a template with a few questions for you to answer. If you can’t answer all of the questions, no problem, you can come back to them later when you have more information.
Upstream prevention
bulb When developing your program, think about whether you can address the problem at its source. This is called “Upstream Prevention”. Asking questions and identifying the things that influence alcohol use in your community will help you pinpoint the root cause.This leads to effective and sustainable solutions. Have a look at this fact sheet by the Australian Drug Foundation for more information about tackling the root causes of alcohol problems.