Alcohol use across retirement: a qualitative study into drinking in later life (UK)

Fiona Edgar (University of the West of Scotland) Debbie Nicholson (University of the West of Scotland) Tim Duffy (University of the West of Scotland) Pete Seaman (Glasgow Centre for Population Health) Karen Bell (NHS Ayrshire and Arran) Mary Gilhooly (Brunel University) •   2016
This report, from the Glasgow Centre for Population Health, (UK) presents the results of a qualitative exploration of older people’s drinking and the factors which influence their use of alcohol.

strategies interventions seniors older people retirement ageing

“Grey Matters: Preventing and responding to alcohol and other drug problems among older Australians. Why the growing use of alcohol and other drugs among older Australians needs attention”

National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction. (NECTA), Roger Nicholas & Ann Roche •   2014
This fact sheet describes the contributing factors and use of alcohol among older Australians. It also outlines the implications these trends will have on service.

prevention seniors alcohol older people health services screening health