Combining Social Norms and Social Marketing to Address Underage Drinking: Development and Process Evaluation of a Whole-of-Community Intervention

Sandra C. Jones, Kelly Andrews & Kate Francis •   2017
This paper reports on a novel, community based social marketing intervention designed to correct misperceptions of alcohol related social norms in an Australian community. The project utilised a social marketing approach, informed by the full complement of Andreasen’s social marketing benchmarking criteria, and concurrently targeted adolescents, parents of adolescents and the broader community. Using extensive Read more..

Leveraging social media. The social media prescription for better health: How can health promoters use social media to change Australia’s drinking culture?

Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) •   2014
Featuring a selection of case studies from both the alcohol and health promotion sectors, this publication explores the opportunities presented by social media and culminates in a step-by-step guide for using these new platforms in health promotion

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