Let’s get together for pre-drinks!

17th May 2017 •   posted in


“Let’s get together for pre-drinks!” –  How often have you had that said to you or said it to your friends, or even heard your kids say it?

It’s expensive to buy drinks out. $9 or $10 for a beer and maybe more for a glass of wine. So to get to a happy drunk state before going out to party many people pre-load or pre-drink at home or at a friend’s house. You drink as much as you can, often in quite a short time. Now, I believe in saving money but having 4 or more standard drinks on any one occasion is called binge drinking.

Being intoxicated can impair your reflexes, judgements, and decisions. How often have you misunderstood a friend when you were drunk? How often have you had a fight or had someone else fight you when drunk? How often have you cried and gotten emotional when drunk?  And how about making bad decisions? – gambling, eating a McDonalds Family Meal and 12 Cheeseburgers, driving… The list is endless.

Good pre-drinks includes having food available – eat a meal, order take-away pizza to share or have a barbecue, drinking less alcohol more slowly, so intersperse it with hydrating drinks like water or juice, enjoying yourself with your friends, followed by catching a ride to and from your venue and going easy on drinks at the venue.

That means being less drunk but also being more hydrated leading to less or no hangover and having the capacity to make better decisions.