3 ways to stay healthy

24th May 2017 •   posted in

We all want to be healthy, happy, feel good and live longer. There are three ways to look after our bodies and stay healthy. Nourish your body – consider what you eat and drink. The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, including legumes (baked beans, hummus, refried beans, lentils), wholegrain breads and Read more..

Fathers and alcohol consumption during pregnancy

9th March 2017 •   posted in

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Alcohol consumption during preconception and pregnancy is generally considered to be the prospective mother’s responsibility, with many current international alcohol policy guidelines recommending the reduction or non-use of alcohol by pregnant women. However, research suggests that decisions about alcohol use can often be influenced by others, in particular the prospective father. The National Drug Research Read more..

It’s a catch-up game

26th October 2016 •   posted in
The way woman are drinking in more recent years is alarming and is something that needs to be more strongly considered in our community approaches towards alcohol related harm. More and more evidence is indicating that although men have been drinking more alcohol at more hazardous levels in the past, women born more recently are Read more..

Facebook 5-point count-up

13th October 2016 •   posted in

Over the past couple of months, the Act on Alcohol Facebook posts have focused on how alcohol affects your health and wellbeing through 5-point count ups. These posts run for five days and outline the benefits of reducing your alcohol intake in relation to different aspects of health. So far we have focused on sleep, Read more..

Breast cancer risk rises even with light alcohol use

2nd June 2016 •   posted in

A new analysis concludes that all levels of alcohol use – even light drinking – are associated with raised risk for breast cancer, with higher consumption linked to higher risk. The researchers also summarize the biological mechanism behind the link and the impact on global breast cancer incidence and deaths due to drinking. Read more: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/310638.php Read more..