Why should Australians limit their alcohol?

12th April 2017 •   posted in

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A large body of evidence consistently shows that consumption of alcohol is a risk factor for cancer.   Drinking alcohol increases the risk of: mouth & throat cancer (larynx and pharynx) stomach and oesophageal cancer bowel cancer (colon and rectum) liver cancer female breast cancer. It’s not just heavy drinking – even small amounts of alcohol increases risk, but the more you drink, the greater Read more..

What we have been up to

4th April 2017 •   posted in

In the first quarter of this year, the AoA Team have been busy getting out of the office and meeting with communities and support services to offer assistance and advice in addressing alcohol-related problems. Here’s what we’ve been up to… Working with Liquor Accord Groups to prevent and reduce alcohol-fuelled violence and increase safety for patrons as Read more..

Call to reform Australia’s alcohol laws

20th February 2017 •   posted in
An increase in alcohol taxation, a reduction in the hours of alcohol sales, and changes to how alcohol is promoted are all needed to reduce alcohol-related harm, a public health policy expert has argued. Professor Wayne Hall of The University of Queensland’s Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research said state and federal governments had a Read more..

Alcohol delivered to your door via app: logical step or too much licence with liquor?

5th June 2016 •   posted in
The liquor industry has woken up to the fact Melburnians have a growing appetite for ordering goods online and direct to their lounge room. A small but growing number of rapid-delivery online liquor services – including one that boasts the first mobile app in Australia – raise interesting questions about how to measure the social impact of Read more..

The town saying ‘no’ to more alcohol: residents of Murupara fight off-licence

2nd June 2016 •   posted in

Tiny New Zealand town struggling with unemployment, domestic violence and addiction pleads with authorities to block new liquor store. If you wan to object to a liquor store opening in your local area, you too can take action. Take a look in our Object to a liquor licence section on the website. Read more of the published article