Why should Australians limit their alcohol?

12th April 2017 •   posted in

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A large body of evidence consistently shows that consumption of alcohol is a risk factor for cancer.   Drinking alcohol increases the risk of: mouth & throat cancer (larynx and pharynx) stomach and oesophageal cancer bowel cancer (colon and rectum) liver cancer female breast cancer. It’s not just heavy drinking – even small amounts of alcohol increases risk, but the more you drink, the greater Read more..

Fathers and alcohol consumption during pregnancy

9th March 2017 •   posted in

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Alcohol consumption during preconception and pregnancy is generally considered to be the prospective mother’s responsibility, with many current international alcohol policy guidelines recommending the reduction or non-use of alcohol by pregnant women. However, research suggests that decisions about alcohol use can often be influenced by others, in particular the prospective father. The National Drug Research Read more..

Call to reform Australia’s alcohol laws

20th February 2017 •   posted in
An increase in alcohol taxation, a reduction in the hours of alcohol sales, and changes to how alcohol is promoted are all needed to reduce alcohol-related harm, a public health policy expert has argued. Professor Wayne Hall of The University of Queensland’s Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research said state and federal governments had a Read more..

Dry January Campaigns

10th February 2017 •   posted in

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As we progress through the year an article in The Conversation reflects on the ‘Dry January’ campaign. For the full article click here. At the opposite end of ‘Dry January’ is ‘Try January’, where drinkers are encouraged to try new and different foods and drinks, not necessarily more drinks.  Our food and drinking habits are Read more..

“Why aren’t you drinking?”

17th January 2017 •   posted in

Sometimes refusing a drink feels harder than it should. Occasionally I often think it is easier to just have a drink and not be questioned. I wish it wasn’t the case. Like many others in our communities, I’m a product of the culture I’ve grown up with, which tells me every day that I deserve Read more..

Alcohol and sport: Sign the petition 

26th October 2016 •   posted in
The start of the State of Origin series in May brought the usual excitement and rivalry between Queensland and New South Wales. However, this year the former State of Origin great, Steve Ella, challenged the NRL about the saturation of alcohol advertising and sponsorship in sport. Ella wrote to Todd Greenberg, Chief Executive Officer of Read more..

It’s a catch-up game

26th October 2016 •   posted in
The way woman are drinking in more recent years is alarming and is something that needs to be more strongly considered in our community approaches towards alcohol related harm. More and more evidence is indicating that although men have been drinking more alcohol at more hazardous levels in the past, women born more recently are Read more..

What is Ocsober… And why should I get involved?

13th October 2016 •   posted in
For many Australians, drinking alcohol is not just an optional, fun, social activity for the weekend, but rather an ingrained habit. So much so, often many people are pressured into drinking, labelled as ‘soft’ or told to ‘harden up’ if they choose to not take part. Read more Ocsober is simple. It requires you to sign Read more..

More to the Weekend: Live life to the fullest 

13th October 2016 •   posted in

In the last edition of the e-newsletter we introduced the new Gold Coast health and lifestyle initiative, More to the Weekend. Instigator, Courtney Angus, is concerned about the rates that drugs and alcohol are used on the Gold Coast. Courtney started this More to the Weekend as an alternative to the night-club scene, encouraging young Read more..