Your Brain Matters

15th March 2017 •   posted in

We have all heard about the benefits of looking after our bodies, but what about our brains? This week is Brain Awareness Week and there are lots of easy ways that you can look after your brain health. To protect your most valuable asset, the Act on Alcohol Team are encouraging all Queenslanders to focus Read more..

Six ways to maximize your Australia Day fun

25th January 2017 •   posted in

Australia Day is celebrated by much of Australia’s population with barbeques, picnics, partying to the Hottest 100 and fun in the sun.  It also is a day many people drink too much alcohol and act on impulses to swim, drive or get violent while drunk, resulting in a dramatic increase in presentations to hospitals. A Read more..

Weight loss and impulsivity

23rd December 2016 •   posted in

Many of us struggle with maintaining a healthy weight, especially over the Christmas silly season when we eat more, drink more and exercise less – consequently with the New Year many will have resolutions to lose weight.  A recent study[i] showed that people involved in a 26 week behaviour modification weight loss program found that Read more..

That time of the year: Schoolies!

13th October 2016 •   posted in

“Schoolies’ Week” is the event that terrifies parents of the 25 000 to 35 000 Year 12 students who are finishing school and flocking to the Gold Coast. Although last year’s week-long event saw a 60% reduction in arrests, there is still a high risk of alcohol misuse and alcohol-related harm during the celebration. With Read more..