Alcohol and sport: Sign the petition 

26th October 2016 •   posted in

The start of the State of Origin series in May brought the usual excitement and rivalry between Queensland and New South Wales. However, this year the former State of Origin great, Steve Ella, challenged the NRL about the saturation of alcohol advertising and sponsorship in sport.

Ella wrote to Todd Greenberg, Chief Executive Officer of the National Rugby League, to express his concerns about the impact sponsorship has on sports fans and the connections between athleticism and alcohol consumption. He urged the NRL to consider the impact alcohol sponsorships has in the community and encouraged them to cease future partnerships with the alcohol industry.

Kristen Ella is supporting her father’s campaign by petitioning Todd Greenberg to take alcohol out of the game. She would like your help too!

This is your opportunity to add to the momentum. Add your name to the petition and share it with your contacts.

Let’s get alcohol advertising and sponsorship out of sport.