5 tips on how to give up smoking

31st May 2017 •   posted in

quit smoking

What has smoking got to do with alcohol? Well, quite a lot actually…

Today is World No Tobacco Day. We have conclusive research to show tobacco is bad for your health, and yet we still smoke.

Well, even if you have no regard for your health, tobacco is also a threat to world development – it is usually people from lower socio-economic status who are addicted to smoking, this leads to greater health inequalities as money which should have gone to food, housing and education goes towards an addiction. And tobacco growing also uses a lot of pesticides and fertilisers which contribute to water pollution in the countries where it is grown.

We are creatures of habit and many people smoke when they socialise – how many of your friends started off as “social smokers”? They associate smoking with getting together with friends, drinking alcohol and relaxing. So can you have a drink without a smoke? Or a smoke without a drink? Maybe cutting back on the drinks will help you cut back on the smokes. If you think it might be time to give up smoking check out the following tips:

  1. Have a plan – choose a date, think about why you want to quit, think about when you smoke and how you can change those situations and get a support buddy.
  2. See your GP – there are lots of gums, patches and medications which may help.
  3. Get professional help – call the free Quitline phone 13 78 48 or request a call online.
  4. Celebrate your successes – small successes should be celebrated: cutting back, getting through day 1 without a cigarette, attending your first party without smoking, achieving 6 or 12 months smoke free.
  5. Be persistent – it is hard to change your habits in a short time. Don’t feel like a failure if you relapse.