5 easy ways to cut the calories in your drinks

26th April 2017 •   posted in

Is your waistline feeling a bit tight since Easter? Are you trying to cut back a bit to fit into your skinny jeans? Think about the easy calories you drink.

Do you find yourself drinking a few with the boys and girls each week down at your local club or pub? Or at home with the family? Make a few easy changes and you’ll be cutting your calories as well as making your body healthier.

  • It sounds obvious but drink less alcohol! Cutting back that one beer a day can add up to nearly 50,000 calories a year. That’s nearly 210,000kJ, equivalent to 5.6kg body fat. Unbelievable!
  • Alcohol contains calories! A stubby or can of full strength (4.9%) beer gives you a massive 135 calories (570kJ) while a 150mL glass of an average wine (12%) gives you 100 calories (430kJ). By choosing a low alcohol (2.7%) beer or wine (8.5%) you’ll drink only 90 calories (375kJ) for beer or 70 calories (300kJ) for wine than the full strength stuff! Dilute your spirits more by using less spirit and more mixer – go for better quality not greater volume.

Calories?  What calories?

  • If you drink spirits dilute them water, sparkling mineral water or diet soft drink rather than full strength soft drink.
  • Drink more low cal drinks in between the hard stuff. Give water, soda water, sparkling or still mineral water or diet soft drink a go.
  • Use smaller glasses. Yes, that’s right – think portion control. Instead of drinking from a can or stubby pour your beer into a 200mL glass and take longer over drinking it. The same goes for wine lovers. Don’t pour your wine into a bucket sized glass! Choose a smaller glass – something which makes you feel like you are actually holding a drink, not a dribble. Portion control is all in the mind – if the brain thinks you have had one drink then you’ve had one drink no matter what the size.

It is all pretty straight forward when it comes to cutting calories in drinks. Now it’s up to you.